Griffin to Turn Your iPad into a Professional Beat Machine

January 11, 2012

The iPad has a lot of great features going for it, but its limiting tablet form can make it difficult to get all of your computing needs met. Particularly if you're a musician looking to put together a portable recording setup. Fortunately, Griffin announced some new products and applications at CES that'll have you iPad composers covered in no time.

First, there's the MIDI Connect: this is a simple item that plugs into your iPad and gives you both a MIDI in (i.e. the ability to plug electric instruments into the iPad and record) and MIDI out (i.e. the ability to use the iPad to control other instruments). That'll run you $80.

The Studio Connect is a dock that not only lets you hook up instruments, but also attach a mixer and has a quarter-inch jack for you analog fans. That comes in at a cool $150 (fancy glowing knob included).
In short, you can finally make sweet music with the iPad, or at least finally record a few songs on the go.