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Ton and Allen Deliver the Results!

by mhofstatter   February 10, 2011 at 6:17AM  |  Views: 6,019

Old Picture Viewer

Submitted by: Bruce T.

Appraised by: Allen

This old picture viewer is actually an antique stereoscope from the late 1880s! Likely made by the Keystone Company. Keystone was the world's largest stereographic company at the turn of the century. Can you imagine a little gadget that actually allows you to experience the 3D effect in the beginning of the 20th century? Suck on that, James Cameron! Now, let’s get down to business. It’s hard to tell what the actual condition of your stereoscope is in, but as always, the better the condition the higher the value. If the stereoscope is in fair shape then you’re looking at about 90 smackeroons. 

However, I spied something even more interesting hiding at the back of Grandpa’s table . . . the yellow butter dish is actually MORE valuable than the stereoscope! It is a rare handle-less art deco dish that was created by Homer Laughlin for their “Fiesta” line in 30’s and would easily fetch $150 in any antique store!


1963 Colt .44 Navy Pistol

Submitted by: Raymond V.

Appraised by: Ton

Very cool piece you have there, it’s a very iconic gun. More than 200,000 were manufactured from 1860 through 1873. Colt's biggest customer was the U.S. Government with over 127,000 units being purchased and issued. Those are huge numbers, but obviously the more there are, the less it’s worth. There is still some value in this gun, but this piece has definitely seen its fair share of use and is not in pristine condition. If it does work though, you could potentially fetch a grand to $1200 for this gun. The custom antique engraving does add some character and makes this a nice piece of history.


Fonzie Shirt

Submitted by: Troy

Appraised by: Allen  

“Aaaaaay” Like Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli himself this shirt is COOL! First it’s a great piece of TV memorabilia because 'The Fonz' is an American icon and quite obviously one of my own personal boyhood mentors. The show Henry Winkler starred in was Happy Days and it lasted from 1974 to 1984! Now for the really freaky part, I actually had a plain white hand me down T-shirt with this very image on it when I was a wee lad! Still yours is even better because it looks to be in mint condition, is a popular size and hey, nothing says the 70s more than a red roper T-shirt with a pic of Fonzie on it. You could certainly pull a fast $30 bucks for it at an online auction site but if that doesn’t pan out, I’d happily cough up a cool 50 bucks to own this terrific T!


Chess Set

Submitted by: Mike R.

Appraised by: Allen

Chess has its own realm in the universe of collectors. Buyers across the world are looking for intact and unique sets to add to their collections. It looks like you might have a set from the 19th century when Chinese and even Indian style pieces were all the rage. When it comes to material, ivory is the most sought after. 

Let’s not forget that you found this great game at the Mae West estate sale. If you can document your purchase it would bump up the value considerably so hopefully you’ve saved your documentation and can get it authenticated! It looks like it’s in great condition, which always adds value. If you have the proof to show that this once belonged to Mae West then this set of ivory could rake in some serious cash. Minimum value is $650 and if you can prove your claim then you will more than double your price!


1981 Ovation Solid Body 12-String Electric Guitar

Submitted by: Randy M.

Appraised by: Ton

Instruments aren’t really my specialty, but lucky for you, I have a good friend that owns a rare guitar shop. I showed him a picture of your guitar and he explained to me that the Ovation brand just isn’t a hot commodity. So even though the guitar is a limited run, it’s just not worth that much. While this guitar is very rare, unfortunately, you’re only looking at about $1,200 tops.

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