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Ton and Allen Deliver the Results!

by mhofstatter   February 10, 2011 at 6:17AM  |  Views: 6,032

Ton and Allen are currently on the road gearing up for a brand new season of Auction Hunters, but that didn't stop them from listening to their fans and breaking out new appraisals for items that you submitted. In honor of the upcoming Auction Hunters - Behind the Hunt special airing this Monday, February 14 at 10:00PM/9:00c, we've chosen 10 submissions and had Ton and Allen's appraise them. If your submitted item wasn't selected, have no fear, with 20 new episodes of Auction Hunters rolling out in 2011 we're going to keep this party train going.

American Independence Coin

Submitted by: Rena B.

Appraised by: Ton

This is actually a medal commemorating the construction of the statue of liberty. And that guy on the front is Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, who designed our nation’s symbol of freedom. Though this piece may have historical value, there is no way of knowing how many of these medals were actually made at the time. If this medal is authentic and made of real silver, you could be looking at $100 or so. Some nice pocket change or you could hold on to it. It’s a really cool piece of American history that will fit right in the palm of your hand.


1951 Admiral TV/Radio/Phonograph Console

Submitted by: Donna and Brian N.

Appraised by: Allen

You would be 100% accurate, my fellow auction hunters! This is a 1951 Admiral TV/Radio/Phonograph combination. This 3-in-1 was quite a sensation back in the day. With a 16” TV screen, it had the clearest picture at the time, a super-powered Dynamagic radio with directional Roto-Scope antenna and a triple-play automatic phonograph that played all record sizes. Back in the day, it retailed at $379.95, which would equal $3,500 today. The wood cabinets of those days suggest that these entertainment centers were not only built to last, but should also be regarded as fine furniture.

It is likely that the TV picture tube is shot, but who wants to watch black and white TV anyway? The value is actually in the record player and fine condition of the mahogony wood cabinet. Toss some Bee’s Wax on the cabinet to spruce it up, then wire a replacement cord, and if that puppy spins, you should be able to turn this relic for $200 to a studio buyer, hipster or retro junkie like myself.



Submitted by: Adam B.

Appraised by: Ton

I believe that this is a German Army “Heer Dagger.”  But without a clearer picture I cannot tell you exactly what manufacturer made it, but it’s still a cool piece. It’s from WWII, probably pre-1940s. It still has its strap and suspension rings, which helps its value. It’s definitely not in mint condition though. The celluloid handle looks to be in great shape and has retained its color, but the rest of the sword looks very worn and eroded. You could probably get around $300 for it if you found the right buyer. If it was in better condition, I’ve seen these go for upwards of $500. 


Western Clock MFG CO

Submitted by: Ryan C.

Appraised by: Allen

It’s great to see this gorgeous clock in working condition because it’s over 120 years old! I love the rococo style iron and brass clocks from yesteryear. This decadent design and excellent condition suggests to me that it rested for decades on a mantle in the parlor or “Sunday room” just waiting to be wound.  A word of caution to fellow hunters: do not over wind antique clocks because the springs have lost their tensile strength and just don’t bounce back like they used to. 

The manufacturer, who is still making clocks today under the name Westclox, briefly went by the handle “The Western Clock Manufacturing Company” from 1888 to around 1912. The Western Clock Manufacturing Company is mostly known for their “Big Ben” alarm clock, which was a simple, round alarm clock with two skinny legs that emerged in 1909. Prior to the “Big Ben,” the company found success selling brass and bronze mantle clocks, including this gem that you’ve submitted. This particular clock was manufactured in the 1890’s. Since your clock is in working order and in such pristine condition I would ask $350 in my online store or $275 at a swap meet.

104 Year Old Guinness Bottle

Submitted by: Imperirial363

Appraised by: Ton

Guinness was the king at making promotional items for their time period. There are a bunch of collectibles out there, including bottle openers, trays, magnets, mechanized trinkets, etc. There are also a lot of collectors out there as well, but it’s a niche market, to be honest with you. An unopened bottle with labels in mint condition like the one you have, which is over 100 years old, is a really great piece. Antique beer bottles are usually opened, but being sealed definitely adds to its value. It’s hard to judge the exact age of the bottle with the pictures provided, but I would guess it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.