Guida-Sanchez Added to Ultimate 100 Voting

June 23, 2009

The black and blues from The Ultimate Fighter 9 are still ripe and already people are looking to "The Kimbo Days" of season 10, but it's not time to completely close the book on U.S. vs. U.K. yet. From top to bottom, last Saturday's Finale was quite possibly the best fight card Spike TV has ever aired...enough so that a late addition to the Ultimate 100 voting ballot was granted.For the first time in promotion history, UFC awarded three Fight of the Night bonuses (Guida-Sanchez, Burns-Lytle and Stevenson-Diaz) and the Guida-Sanchez slugfest will unquestionably be in the running for Fight of the Year. Joe Rogan's commentary perhaps summed it up best when he declared to the nation that he would call the cops if Lytle-Burns didn't get Fight of the Night and was later forced to recant after he saw the carnage from Guida-Sanchez. 

The countdown of the UFC's greatest fights of all time is kicking off on Spike TV July 5th at 9pm, so this late addition to the polls is cutting it close, but it just wouldn't be right not to include it. There's still enough time to punch your chads, so hit and make your opinions known -- maybe the clowns in the New York State legislature can learn a few things from you. This is America, for crying out loud!

Source: UFC