Yes, That's a Dump Truck and a Semi Drag-Racing

October 10, 2011

We've featured some extremely odd vehicles over the years here at Spike. A Canadian tuner giving your mom's Camry 700 horses under the hood. A hybrid semi outracing a Ferrari. But we're pretty sure that as weird as those were, this video takes the cake.

Before we begin, some quick background. These are actually tuned vehicles specifically designed to drag race. This actually happened at the New England Drag Way. And none of what you're about to see is CGI.

Yes, you just saw a dump truck completely own a semi and go ripping down the race track.

We're not sure what modifications went into this surprisingly nimble long-haul device, but we're assuming it involved a lot of work.

We're also assuming this guy takes his dump truck to illegal street race and challenges people to their pink slips, then crushes their cars after he wins, because that's what we'd do. We're just saying.

Source: YouTube/tfraud