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Man on Fire (2004): Man on Fire (2004)
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Facing Those Fears

by MariShapiro   July 01, 2010 at 10:40AM  |  Views: 79

When I first started wrestling, I had the chance to wrestle at the Livonia Spree. Before I had ever started wrestling, I remember going to these shows. They were held in either the indoor ice hockey rec arena, or on the baseball diamond outside. There's a certain charm to local wrestling. I remember specifically one of the managers at this particular show wearing jorts (jean shorts), a tucked in t-shirt with a belt, sandals, and having just this ridiculously overpowering mullet. He carried a cane with him, but of course, didn't walk with it, and took himself super seriously. It was amazing.

Literally the next year, I was wrestling at that fair against some of the same guys I watched. Kinda nuts. I also had the luxurious of duties of setting the ring up. Not only did I have to set it up, but I had to guard it for the entire day. Just brutal man. It was hot as hell, boring, and my only entertainment were the pig races and Chinese acrobats, which were awesome until you realized they do the same act every hour. 

I'm going to the carnival this year and I'm really pretty happy about not having to work there.


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