Facing Those Fears

July 1, 2010

This week the Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) expound on some of their favorite things to do this summer on their days off.

Chris Sabin

I went zip lining for the first time ever last week and it was great! Something I have always wanted to try, so I figured, why not? And I couldn't think of any reason why not to. So me and my girl found a zip lining place on the internet, and off we went, no hesitation. After meeting the other participating groups and a few safety briefings, we were up on this giant platform hooked in and ready to head into the top of the trees. I love trees!

The first line was a long one and it was really fun! Everyone got to part two pretty easily. It was at this point I realized one of the groups was some sort of military family split up, gotten back together or just met and hooked up? A mother with three daughters, and a father and son who were all nice, but a bit.... let's say too intense for the situation. I'm looking forward to a relaxing afternoon flying through the tree tops while they are making fun of each other and cheering loudly while the father is yelling instructions on how to do everything over the instructors.

The second line was a shorter one, but at this point we were also going from tree to tree via giant platforms built into the tree tops. It was at this point I realized I was now an Ewok on the forest Moon of Endor.

The third line was awesome because we were going through a sort of tree tunnel, nice and shaded by the thick amount of branches and leaves above. It was relaxing until I could hear the family again.

Now at this point there was a choice presented, and business picked up as it unknowingly turned into an obstacle course. Sweet! You could go left onto a two part suspension bridge type set up, with planks of wood spaced apart to walk across. I chose to take the path to the right which also had two parts. The first being a square cargo net strung up sideways that you had to shimmy across however way you chose to. And the second, a literal tightrope walk that you had to shuffle your feet sideways across while at the same time keeping your balance by grabbing and holding onto ropes hanging downward from a higher strung up cable, and that was the one that was damn scary. It also didn't help that the father was yelling encouraging things at me. Although he meant well, it was having the exact opposite effect he desired. I need to concentrate man!

A few more basic zips through the trees and back to earth we all went. It was about two hours long, cost about forty bucks and was totally worth it. I'm going to start asking myself why not more often.

Alex Shelley

I used to really like carnivals and roller coasters in general.

I used to live a few blocks away from my school until I was about 11. I used to ride my bike or walk to the fair every year. Back then, nothing made me sick or woozy, so I'd ride the Gravitron as the day is long. Once, my shoe fell off on the Paratrooper. That was the sucks.

I never got a chance to ride the Zipper. In second grade, I wasn't tall enough, but that same year, a wheel flew off and hit the carnival worker in the head. He ended up dying. Looking back on it, carnival rides themselves are rather dangerous. I especially freak out whenever I end up on a pirate ship or a giant swing after seeing clips on YouTube of those things going wrong. That fear has crossed over into roller coasters, and now, I'm super scared of going to Cedar Point. I'm going to face that fear this summer, I swear!

When I first started wrestling, I had the chance to wrestle at the Livonia Spree. Before I had ever started wrestling, I remember going to these shows. They were held in either the indoor ice hockey rec arena, or on the baseball diamond outside. There's a certain charm to local wrestling. I remember specifically one of the managers at this particular show wearing jorts (jean shorts), a tucked in t-shirt with a belt, sandals, and having just this ridiculously overpowering mullet. He carried a cane with him, but of course, didn't walk with it, and took himself super seriously. It was amazing.

Literally the next year, I was wrestling at that fair against some of the same guys I watched. Kinda nuts. I also had the luxurious of duties of setting the ring up. Not only did I have to set it up, but I had to guard it for the entire day. Just brutal man. It was hot as hell, boring, and my only entertainment were the pig races and Chinese acrobats, which were awesome until you realized they do the same act every hour. 

I'm going to the carnival this year and I'm really pretty happy about not having to work there.