Reggie Bush Gets over Kim Kardashian by Dating Girl Who Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian

August 6, 2010

You know that guy who buys a new BMW 3 Series every year because he wants a different car but fears any real change? Well, judging by his new girlfriend, that seems to be the strategy Reggie Bush employs when selecting sexual partners.

The New Orleans Saints' sporadically star running back (and bane of the USC Trojans' existence) is reportedly dating a young lady named Mayra Veronica.

According to her online profile, Veronica is a singer/model with aspirations of “making it big in this crazy little world.”

While she doesn’t list “looking exactly like Kim Kardashian” under the special skills section of her non-existent IMDb profile, Veronica does bare a striking similarity to Bush’s 2009 sideline model.

If only this girl came with a poorly made sex tape, Lamar Odom’s home phone number, and rear-wheel drive, Bush could have driven her off the lot with some serious upgrades.

Photo: Arnold Turner/WireImage/Getty Images