Spartan Hoplite vs Rajput Warrior

by RussiasFury   December 21, 2010 at 7:05AM  |  Views: 1,206



This is a battle between two praised warriors, both responsible for their extraordinary feats of bravery, and their pure skill. The Spartan Hoplite, a trained from birth fighter, from no other place than Sparta. Sparta, being a warring city-state, was well-known for their fighting ability in close-range. While misrepresented by Hollywood, their reputation for being deadly warriors is not a lie.


The most famous event involving the Spartan Hoplites was the battle of Thermopylae, where they were outnumbered drastically by Persians, but using the environment, they were able to eliminate the numerical advantage, slaying thousands upon thousands of Persians until they were killed, themselves.


The Hoplite is meeting up with a Rajput Warrior! From Rajhastan, a Northern Area of India, these "Sons of Kings" fought in Generations, weapons were passed down to sons, and then grandsons. Rajputs have proven victorious over many foes with better arms, even the Mughals, who used guns. While the Spartans didn't fight against guns, they still fought against a rather huge empire, themselves.


My initial edge can go to neither side. The Rajput has impressive footwork, and deadly, unexpected tools of killing. However, the Spartan is the ancient-world equivalent to a tank, with his Hoplon, and armor behind it, he may not be fully-covered, but he isn't necessarily a guy to fuck with.