Spartan Hoplite vs Rajput Warrior

December 21, 2010



This is a battle between two praised warriors, both responsible for their extraordinary feats of bravery, and their pure skill. The Spartan Hoplite, a trained from birth fighter, from no other place than Sparta. Sparta, being a warring city-state, was well-known for their fighting ability in close-range. While misrepresented by Hollywood, their reputation for being deadly warriors is not a lie.


The most famous event involving the Spartan Hoplites was the battle of Thermopylae, where they were outnumbered drastically by Persians, but using the environment, they were able to eliminate the numerical advantage, slaying thousands upon thousands of Persians until they were killed, themselves.


The Hoplite is meeting up with a Rajput Warrior! From Rajhastan, a Northern Area of India, these "Sons of Kings" fought in Generations, weapons were passed down to sons, and then grandsons. Rajputs have proven victorious over many foes with better arms, even the Mughals, who used guns. While the Spartans didn't fight against guns, they still fought against a rather huge empire, themselves.


My initial edge can go to neither side. The Rajput has impressive footwork, and deadly, unexpected tools of killing. However, the Spartan is the ancient-world equivalent to a tank, with his Hoplon, and armor behind it, he may not be fully-covered, but he isn't necessarily a guy to fuck with.



The Rajputs and Spartans both had their variety of weapons, armor, tactics, and physique. I'll make comparisons, which may or may not shift the tide of this battle.


Short Range:

The Hoplite's short range weapon is a killer blade with incredible stabbing power, the Xiphos! The blade is usually 50 to 60 centimeters long, and it is double-edged. It wasn't usually used unless the spear or javelin was expended first, it was carried in a Baldric hung from the left arm, meaning they could easily draw it with their right hand, and continue combat. It features a leaf-shape design that makes it favorable for stabbing or cutting, but the way the Hoplite used it was in conjunction with the Hoplon.


The Rajput brings a much longer double-edged blade to the game, The Khanda Saber! A blunt-tipped, double edged blade that was used to hack open enemies. It was created by the Rajputs, and used by others, such as the Sikhs. The blade can be quite heavy, but as a straight-edge hacking weapon, it gets the job done. A small spike juts out from the hilt.


Edge: Believe it or not, I can't really decide an initial edge. While the Khanda Saber is made of a superior metal, and is longer, the Xiphos was not used without that Hoplon. Weapon-to-weapon, the Khanda would get the edge, but since I am taking everything in to account, these two weapons are even.


Medium Range:

The Hoplite's Medium Range weapon is also his Chief weapon, the Dory Spear! The length for one of these is usually six to ten feet long. The leaf-shaped tip was composed of either iron or bronze, and a butt spike made of bronze counter-balanced the weight of this weapon. The Dory can be used as either an execution weapon, or even a frontal confrontation one. In conjunction with the Hoplon, this weapon is almost always used in an easy, clean thrust through the center mass. However, if necessary, extra footwork can be done, to counter the enemy and stab his foot with the buttspike.

The Rajput responds with the fatiguing Aara! While it takes a lot of effort to use the coiled sword, anything it snags, or lashes, will lacerate. Made of flexible steel, this weapon has the ability to lacerate or just simply cut in to flesh. The only concern is that so much focus is required while using this weapon, that it could hurt the weilder. However, if successful, the Aara can take on multiple opponents in its circle of death. The blade lengths to vary from Aara to Aara, but can usually be around five feet.


Edge: The Spartan Hoplite takes the edge for his Dory. There isn't too much fatigue to it, just a clean thrust from behind the Hoplon could end anyone. With the Aara, there is much fatigue from twirling the thing around. Even if you kill someone, you're tired after using it, which could open you up for death.


Long Range:

The Hoplite's Ranged weapon is the Javelin! Used in many Civilizations, the Javelin is a time-proven and constantly tweaked weapon to go through soldiers like butter! This would most likely be a Phalanx's first weapon, throwing it out and then switching to either the Dory or the Xiphos depending on the situation. The Spartan would throw it, not using a range-enhancer such as the atl-atl. Spartans were not peltasts, but they did use these weapons effectively.


The Rajput uses their own killer long range weapon, the Chakram! Usually dubbed a frisbee, this steel circle whizzes through the air, and can decapitate with ease. This weapon can be used at the first strike or the last kill. It has advantages in the midst of battle, where it can bounce off of something and possibly hit another.

Edge: Given the Hoplite's armor, I can only see some lucky kill shots from it, so my edge goes to the Javelin. It is more effective against the Rajput's armor, where a chakram will do the job against lesser-armored foes, but against heavy foot soldiers, will more than likely fail.


Specialty Weapons


The Hoplite's special weapon may not even be considered a weapon at all! The Hoplon, a large, well-designed shield featuring stacked wood in a pyramid-like shape, with a covering of bronze, makes this not only a fantastic defender, but a great basher. Since it is so large, it will hit easier, and since it is heavier, if an edge of that shield hit, you'd more than likely be out cold.


The Rajput's killer punchers were used to execute, and disarm in a combo. The Katars! Two of the variants are the large blade, which is simple, you punch, and it stabs. Or the fork, three blades in a "Wolverine" fashion, that can catch a weapon, and pull it away, leading up to another punch.


Edge: Weapon to weapon, the Hoplon gets the edge. HOWEVER, The Rajput's Katar combo will more than likely make short work of some of the Spartan's weaponry. But since the Hoplon is just one arm, and either a knockout, a knock over, or a killing blow, it gets the edge.



The Spartan Hoplite was a heavy troop, so he was accompanied with heavy armor. A full set of Bronze armor, including greaves, a breast plate, and his nasal helmet. His Hoplon was his primary piece of armor, a Spartan was supposed to go in to battle with it, and leave with it, or in it. His armor was quite cumbersome compared to...


The Rajput wore a heavy (In the sense of thickness) variety of armor including chainmail, silk, and leather, layered perfectly to provide an awesome defense in light armor.


Edge:  Neither side gets the edge for their defenses. While the Rajput is definitely more mobile in his armor, he is also easier to kill. The Spartan is heavily defended, he is practically a tank of a human, but he is also much slower than the Rajput, and fancy footwork is near impossible.


Fighting Style/Tactics


The Spartan Hoplite was, without a doubt, a better defensive warrior than an offensive one. While he was trained to kill from a young age, with that much armor, you cannot claim that you are pure offense. His weaponry basically screams defense, too. With an army, a Spartan will stand in a Phalanx, and make a huge shield wall, with which they will claim many lives with their Dories. Alone, he is a defensive individual


The Rajput Warrior, however, has superior footwork, and uses their own custom martial art (I forgot the name, sorry.) This allows them to use their custom killers to their full potential, without sacrificing speed. This gives them the one-on-one precision that they have employed for so long.


Edge: The Rajput takes the edge for their Tactics. They are more accustomed to one-on-one fights, or fights using a small group. The Spartans, on the other hand, are not fully prepared for that, as they are heavy troops. They trained in it, but didn't use it too much.


Build: There isn't much to explain here, the Spartan Hoplites were on average, muscular individuals, and this was seen on the battlefield. Rajputs were shorter and slimmer. In a one-on-one fight, this isn't really a deciding factor. EVEN.


I am going to be pretty lazy on this battle. I've been ill and busy, bear with me.


A Spartan Hoplite stood on the edge of a mountain, looking onward to Thermopylae Pass. He knelt down, remembering all of his brothers that had died there, they died bravely. He stood up, picking up his Hoplon and turning around. He drew his Dory when he saw someone unfamiliar, in a gray-colored armor.

The Spartan was offended at the sudden invasion of his personal space. He stabbed the Dory in to the ground, and threw his javelin, without first running at the warrior. It whizzed by him.

The Rajput turned, and dropped most of his gear. He noted the huge shield strapped to the warrior, and started with his Aara. The Spartan laughed at the tiny, coiled thing. But suddenly, the shorter warrior began to whip it about. The Hoplite brought up his shield, holding his spear out and approaching in a defensive manner. The sword reached around his Hoplon, and gashed his arm, but the Spartan yanked the sword away, leaving the Rajput to another weapon.


The Rajput drew his Khanda, and began to mindlessly strike the shield, trying to get that out of the way first. The Spartan made several thrusts with his Dory, which were all deflected by the Rajput, frustrated, the Spartan draws his Xiphos, and begins to stab and chop, the Rajput was on the pure defensive, but eventually, was able to twirl around the Spartan.

In hindsight, he shouldn't have done this. He got one failed strike behind the Spartan, who turned around and knocked over the Rajput with his shield. He poised to strike with the Xiphos, but was kicked in the lower leg, making him fall down with his enemy.

The Rajput did some intricate twirls as he got up, He chucked a Chakram, which got jammed in the Spartan's shield arm, it was more of a glancing blow, but it still did damage. The Katars were put on, and the battle was officially close range. The Spartan had difficulty getting up, and was punched several times in the chest. When the blows punctured, he was coughing up blood.


His vision was fading, and he was about to die, he knew it. The Rajput moved in for the final punch. This was his only chance, the Spartan used his Xiphos to deliver a clean cut across the Rajput's neck. The Indian died within a few seconds, as did the Spartan. They both lied dead, they hadn't been found for years to come.


A memorial was made in Greece for the Spartan, who fended off the foreign raider from bringing in Settlers or more of his comrades.



Spartan- 500

Dory - 135

Xiphos - 175

Javelin - 58

Hoplon - 132


Rajput - 500

Khanda - 317

Katar pair - 83

Chakram -82

Aara - 28


This is the first tie. I honestly could not draw a victor between the two. What the Spartan has in defense and strength, he lacks in Agility and Footwork. The Spartan would certainly win had this been a team fight, however, due to it being one on one, this was a dead tie.