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Democrats to Get More Sex

by girls   November 03, 2008 at 6:45PM  |  Views: 194

If the polls are correct and Barack Obama is swept into power, then Democrats may experience a different type of bounce… in the bedroom. Abraham Morgentaler, an Associate Clinical Professor specializing in male reproduction and sexual health at Harvard University writes that, “voters who identify with the winning party on Tuesday will be more sexually active that night than those who cast votes for the losing party in the presidential election.” So tomorrow night it’s possible that as the votes are tallied, bedrooms across America will be hearing a lot of "Yes, yes, yes we can!"

Morgentaler writes that men tend to be more sexual when they win. He backs this up with scientific data that shows saliva concentrations of testosterone are increased after a victory. He quotes a study which looked at 21 male fans watching a World Cup soccer match between two international rival teams. The participants' saliva was tested and the study found that “at the end of the match, salivary testosterone increased among fans of the winning teams, and decreased among fans of the losing teams.”

The increase in testosterone doesn’t necessarily lead to sex, but it does help in setting up the physiological basis for sex. Morgentaler says, “there seems little doubt that men feel more virile, more powerful when they are successful after an important contest, whether it represents success at the office or on the playing field… and presumably this applies to the ballot box as well.”

So come Tuesday night, this election may result in a new type of polling and a real change… of sheets.