Half-Naked Dodgeball? Yep, That's a Sport

September 29, 2010

Last weekend, over 100 Chicago-area residents stripped down to their unmentionables in order to break a non-existent Guinness World Record for the largest partially nude dodgeball game in American history. Nudie dodgeball now joins clothing-optional darts and strip foosball on the list of things people in Chicago would rather do than watch the Cubs play baseball.

The event was sponsored by Jockey (because corporate sponsorship is the most important part of any sport), and used as a fundraiser for prostate cancer research. You know, because nothing says “schedule a prostate exam” quite like watching a collection of hungover hipsters playing dodgeball in their ironic Scooby Doo underwear.

Why half-naked dodgeball, you ask? Great question.

Fortunately, Jockey’s director of Public Relations was on hand to explain:

Dodgeball is one of those sports that seems to be trending really popular," said Mo Moorman. "So we wanted to make an event out of this and try to set a world record and have everyone wear [the company's new] sports performance underwear.

Looks like Hanes is going to have to step up their efforts at the upcoming Bra and Panties Bobsled tournament.

Photo: Jack McCarthy/ESPN