Mini Coyote GPS Device Thwarts Speed Cameras

November 11, 2008

The game between cops and speeding drivers started out simple: a lead foot and a speed trap. Then the five-oh got radar guns, and we got radar detectors.

But when Big Brother stepped in and unleashed the Orwellian network of speed cameras throughout Europe, many thought the end of fun had come. But now, with the Mini Coyote, the fast shall haul ass again.

The Mini Coyote is a GPS device that sits on your dashboard and relays the position of speeding cameras, giving you a heads up before it's too late so you can avoid, or slow down for, the eye in the sky. 

It relies on a community of speed freaks to report the position of speed cameras, and so far 27,000 cameras were reported by 50,000 drivers in September alone.

Novus also points out that it improves safety in at least one way— with fewer people slamming on their brakes as they spot a camera, there are less accidents. Go figure. [Source: Pocket Lint]