Jason Kidd Makes Russell Simmons' Ex-Girlfriend His Newest Baby Momma

January 26, 2010

For what has seemed like an endless NBA career, Jason Kidd has been one of the best defenders in the game thanks to his complete lack of respect for inferior opponents and ability to “steal” the ball at will. Thus, it came as no surprise when the Dallas Mavericks point guard stole hip-hop legend Russell Simmons' ex-girl-on-the-side to procreate even more babies with enormous heads.

Kidd, who now has five children, missed the team’s game against the New York Knicks (but let’s be honest, playing the Knicks is basically a night off anyways) to watch his newest illegitimate kid enter the world this week.

No idea how Simmons feels about the situation, or whether or not Kidd and his newest baby momma plan to stay together. Those are details suitable for the California court system or daytime talk shows. (Seriously, how amazing it would be to have Russell Simmons and Jason Kidd on The Maury Povich Show for his unintentionally hilarious "Paternity Test" special? That has Emmy written all over it!)

Source: Johnny Nunez/Wire Images/Getty Images