Biggest Event in Deadliest Warrior History: Live Season Finale Tomorrow At 9/8c

September 13, 2011
After nearly three months of memorable matchups of history's most legendary warriors, season 3 of Deadliest Warrior has finally come to an end – but not before going out with a bang first!

Tomorrow at 9/8c is the very special Deadliest Warrior Live Season Finale. This special 2 1/2 hour episode will feature not one but two amazing matchups: the classic Gurkhas vs. French Foreign Legion, and the much-anticipated Vampires vs. Zombies! Then, it's time for the Deadliest Warrior Aftermath Live at 11/10c, where we'll answer your questions live with a very special guest. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook like always for the latest updates.

Tune in tomorrow night at 9/8c for the Deadliest Warrior Live Season Finale!