The Shane Nelson Experiment

October 10, 2008

Shane Nelson wasted no time getting himself into hot water at the house, and though all was said to be forgiven by UFC President Dana White, there may have been some lingering emotional issues that curtailed Shane Nelson's confidence. Hit the jump to find out how Nelson's drunken antics may have gotten him sent home early after all.

It's a familiar feeling. You're a little nauseous, your head hurts and your pride hurts even worse. You lie there in your own hazy stench of puke, dried tequila and self-pity, remembering all the awful things you did the night before. Eventually, you muster up the courage to face the world that you profoundly insulted just hours ago.

Shane Nelson just had the unfortunate experience of reliving one of his worst moments Wednesday night as it was replayed on the fourth installment of The Ultimate Fighter 8. Sure, Dana White was angry, and rightfully so, but let's give the kid a break. Who among us hasn't had a little too much to drink and found themselves screaming at a tree in the backyard for being just too damn tall? Stupid tree. Okay, maybe that was just me, but you see what I'm saying. 

The point is, the next day you wake up, realize you can't remember 95 percent of the night before, so you grab your cell phone to see how many ill-advised calls you made and then start writing out apologies. No big deal, right? Unless, of course, your drunken tirade happened to be taped and broadcast on national television for millions of adoring fans to enjoy. "The next day, I went over to Efrain and apologized but that part wasn't on the show," Nelson explained. 

That's got to weigh on a man's conscience, and even though he doesn't like to admit it, Nelson himself realizes he probably let the whole incident get the best of him. "I like to think it didn't, but I watched the tape of my fight and it wasn't me. I'm normally out there throwing a lot of punches, but I was too hesitant and I paid for it," he regretfully confessed.

For anyone who watched Nelson's fight to get into the house, he wasn't the same fighter we saw Wednesday night who struggled to find his rhythm with the standup and shied away from his bread and butter on the ground. "I feel like I probably had the best Jiu Jitsu of all the guys in the house and everyone had confidence in me, I just didn't deliver. No excuses," he mused. Frank Mir, too, noticed that Nelson wasn't himself and reported -according to Shane- that he's first on the list to return if anyone got hurt and an opening popped up.

The moral of the story is that Shane Nelson may not be as immature as it first seemed and if he can figure out a way to keep his cool and bring back the same Nelson we saw at tryouts, he may be primed to carve out a lasting place for himself in the UFC's lightweight division.

So remember, next time you find yourself drowning in a bottle of fine Mexican mash and picking a fight with a 6'3" ex-Marine, who happens to be your girlfriend's father, stop, think and go to sleep so you can fight another day.