Mantenna - Monday, August 31

August 31, 2009

Lindsay Lohan gets a new tattoo, Predators is going to Hawaii, and the death of ex-Rolling Stone Brian Jones is set to be re-examined...That's one small step for man; one giant leap for Mantennakind!

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Lindsay Gets Tattooed

Source: David Aguilera/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan’s obsession with Marilyn Monroe continues after the starlet got inked with a quote from Ms. Monroe. The tattoo appears on Lindsay’s inner right arm and reads “I restore myself when I’m alone." Maybe Lindsay should have had the rest of the quote tattooed as well - “A career is born in public — talent in privacy.” Or at least she should take note! [Perez Hilton]

Demi Moore Denies Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore has told a French magazine that she has never gone under the surgeon’s knife to improve her looks. She told the French edition of Marie Claire magazine, “It’s completely false [that’s she’s had plastic surgery] – I’ve never had it done. I would never judge those who have – if it’s the best thing for them then I don’t see a problem. But I don’t like the idea of having an operation to hold up the aging process – it’s a way to combat your neurosis. The scalpel won’t make you happy.” No, but it might land you a guy who’s 16 years younger. [Radar]

Predators Go to Hawaii

What’s great about America is that everyone gets a second chance. Unless, of course, you’re Robert Rodriguez, in which case you get an infinity of chances. The filmmaker is producing Predators and Nimrod Antal is directing. It’s looking like most of the production is going to take place in Austin, but Rodgriguez’s Troublemaker Studios will spend 18 days of October in Hawaii for the jungle portions of the shoot. The film has a modest budget of $40 million, so it’s likely 18 days are all Rodriguez and Antal can afford to spend there. As of right now the cast of Predators is unknown, though it’s highly unlikely we’ll be seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger make an appearance. Then again, they could just use CG to stick his face on some random bodybuilder and then…nah. That’s just stupid. [/Film]

Bad Boys 3 Deemed Not a Bad Idea


Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sony is hot to trot on a third Bad Boys movie, having already hired screenwriter Peter Craig to pen the script. It’s possible we will see a reunion of Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Smith, and Martin Lawrence if Sony gets its wish. The group has made it clear they’re all down for part three and that they just need a script. Which means the onus is on Craig to make sure that script rocks. If he screws up this big of a payday for Sony it’s difficult to imagine he’d soon be forgiven. [First Showing]

Rolling Stones Guitarist's Death to Be Re-Examined

After receiving new information, British police are set to re-examine the death of former Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones. A 27-year-old Jones was found dead at the bottom of a swimming pool at his home in southern England back in 1969. It was said to be a "death by misadventure," but a spokesman for Sussex police said today that they have received new information about the musician's death from an investigative journalist. "These papers will be examined by Sussex Police but it is too early to comment at this time on what the outcome will be," he said. [Straits Times]

iPhone App Leads Police to Robbery Suspects
Pittsburgh police nabbed three robbery suspects over the weekend, after the man they allegedly robbed used the MobileMe online service to point police to their location. The weekend robbery happened in (the appropriately named) Shadyside. North Versailles police have three suspects in custody, and recovered a pellet gun amongst various stolen items. The MobileMe service offered by Apple includes an app called "Find My iPhone" which users can activate remotely to pinpoint the whereabouts of the device using its built in GPS. Looks like it was money well spent in this case. [Boy Genius Report]

Toyota Developing Breathalyzer Tied to Engine Ignition
The new breath-alcohol ignition-interlock system developed by Toyota features a handset that detects alcohol on your breath (if any) and snaps your mug with a digital camera. Depending on your level of stupor, the thing can be set to alert you (in case you forgot about those Long Island iced teas) or lock the vehicle's ignition altogether. In addition, it can be used to monitor vehicles of commercial fleets and notify the boss if the driver shows up sloshed. Testing of the device commences September 1st and will go through November 30. [Yahoo!]

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