Michael Jackson Case Could Become Criminal

July 10, 2009

It’s being reported that the investigation into Michael Jackson’s death could become a criminal matter depending on the results of pending toxicology tests.

Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton told CNN yesterday that his department is awaiting the coroner's final report to decide whether to proceed with the investigation as a homicide case or an accidental drug overdose. "We are still awaiting corroboration from the coroner's office as to cause of death. That is going to be very dependent on the toxicology reports that are due to come back," Bratton told CNN. "And based on those, we will have an idea of what it is we are dealing [with]: are we dealing with a homicide or are we dealing with accidental overdose?"

A source also told CNN that MJ's family has been informed that the examination could turn into a criminal case. "The family is aware of a potential criminal prosecution," the anonymous source said.

This could get u-g-l-y.

Source: VINCENT AMALVY/Getty Images