50 Cent Gets His Chain Snatched in Africa

May 7, 2008


GG-G-Unit! Hip hop bad boy 50 Cent got his chain ripped from his neck during a live gig in Angola, Africa on Wednesday evening.

Luckily for us, some random rapping cameraman caught it all on tape. In the video that captured the incident, a man can be seen climbing onstage and grabbing what appears to be a necklace from 50's neck, then jumping back into the crowd. Doesn't this guy know Fiddy got shot 9 times?! Check it out…

The parents of the man who is accused of snatching the necklace from 50 Cent turned their son in to the police on Sunday to face charges in the incident.

According to TMZ.com, 50 Cent caught up with the thief and reclaimed his necklace. A source told the website: "The chain is around 50's neck right now." What a tough guy.