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The Top 7 Gadgets for Surviving the Wild

by Reverend_Danger   November 24, 2008 at 7:30PM  |  Views: 7,132

When it comes to the wilderness, survival is the name of the game. Who knows when you’ll be cast into a dire situation with only your wits and a sharpened bamboo pole to protect yourself? Before you plunge to your fiery doom, you'll need to know about the 7 gadgets you'll want if you're going to survive in the wilderness.

by Reverend Danger

The following article does not represent the opinions of Spike TV or its affiliates.

7. The M40 Survival Knife


Even though the M40 Survival Knife costs only 10 cents, it may save you a whole lot of trouble.  In that regard, it's pretty similar to a condom.  The difference, of course, is that you can kill a bear with the knife. You can make this knife yourself...just cut a hacksaw blade in half with pliers, snip out a can opener, and sharpen the un-serrated edge with a belt sander.

6. DIY Bow and Arrow 


Dude.  Cavemen made bows and arrows.  You’ve beaten Halo on Legendary.  I’m pretty sure you can handle it.  First, find yourself a straight piece of wood that looks too thick to be a bow and arrow. Then use your survival knife (you did bring that, didn’t you?) to whittle down the ends so they’re flexible. Notch the ends, then use your shoe lace to string it.  For arrows, sharpen the end of a stick and use either feathers or leaves for the back.  Attach them with glue (if you're lucky enough to have some) or by splitting the end and slipping them in.

5. Collapsible Survival Rifle 


The Henry Arms AR-7 Survival Rifle breaks down and folds into its own stock so you can pack it in your backpack, the trunk of your car, or whatever conspicuous item you desire.  How convenient is that?  I want one of these little babies for apartment survival.  Dinner is over.  What about the dishes? Lock and load, “The dishes are done, man…” The survival rifle is also good if you’re leading a rebellion against the British. You can get it here for a little over $200. 

4. Life Saving Filtration Bottle


You can survive for weeks without eating.  You can survive without water for a little over a week.  You need water and you need quite a bit especially if you’re going to be hunting animals and/or hiking your way back to civilization, a shower, and your Xbox.  To keep you wet in the wild, I recommend this filtration device from Life Saver Systems.  It’s so good it can filter your poo.  Seriously.  They say that.  Awesome.