Lonely Virgin Community Thrilled About New Video Game Prostitution Business

March 23, 2010

Have you ever sat in your parent’s basement for 13 consecutive hours reeking like stale Cheetos and false hope wondering what it would be like to have a sexy young girl take an interest in your joystick? Well, thanks to an exciting (and most importantly, legal) business – that can actually happen.

A company called GameCrush has started an online dating service that matches grown men with limited dignity and vast Xbox experience with attractive young women willing to play various video games online with them.

But wait, it gets better.

For just $8.25 per 10 minutes of Xbox play, gamers are able to select girls from two basic categories – “flirty” or “dirty.” The site does not specifically say what “dirty” entails, but the second I get Spike.com to expense the service I will start doing some serious research.

Regardless of the findings, it’s nice to see that somebody has finally combined two of my favorite things…video games and former sorority girls willing to sell their self-respect for a few dollars before eventually marrying an elderly rich man in Orange County.

It’s God’s work these people are doing!

Photo:Stockbyte/Getty Images

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