Pittsburgh Steelers Play Like Girls, Says Man Searching for Love on Reality TV

August 5, 2010

While trying to find love/avoid dying alone on his nationally televised cry for attention, Chad Ochocinco took time off of his romantic interludes to question the genetic makeup of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ roster. Interestingly enough, the Steelers were not amused.

"Man, I haven't seen this many girls on a football field since the last time we played the Steelers,” Ochocinco said on the program.

Steelers offensive tackle Max Starks took some offense to the statement, and later warned the wide receiver to refrain from making any more remarks of that nature.

Ochocinco – as he often does – reacted in a calm, collected way.

"Who gives a [expletive] about the Steelers?" he said just before signing autographs for children.

As of now, no members of the Steelers have reacted to his second round of insults, but it’s fair to assume that they’ll probably just let it go. Professional athletes generally walk away from violent situations and routinely enjoy having their sexuality questioned on VH1.

Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images