Usher claims he had $1 million in jewellery stolen from car

February 19, 2010

R&B star Usher claims he had $1 million of jewellery stolen from his car – as well as laptops containing the only copies of new tracks he was working on.

The star claims someone broke into his GMC Yukon SUV while he was Christmas shopping in Atlanta, Georgia.

He says he lost $1,000,000 in jewellery, $50,000 in furs and $16,700 in electronic goods.

But he told police he was most upset about the loss of two laptops as they contained the only versions of vocal tracks that have never been heard before.

A witness said they saw a Chevy Impala with tinted windows drive up next to the SUV. The witness told police a man got out of the Impala and popped open the door to the SUV.

The incident is still under investigation. No CCTV cameras captured the reported break-in.