Mantenna - Thursday, December 11

December 11, 2008

Thousands of college coeds strip down to their underwear at UCLA, legendary '80s mopesters The Smiths are possibly on the verge of reuniting, and the top 10 scientific reasons why sex is good for you...all that and more in today's Mantenna!

10 More Reasons to have Sex

Who knew that a healthy sex life actually keeps you healthy? Well it does, and it’s another excuse to get it on with your partner. If your girlfriend needs a little convincing in the bedroom, tell her that sex will make her hair shinier and her skin smoother. Sex also cures mild depression, burns calories, is ten times more effective than Valium and even unblocks a stuffy nose. []

College Students Running in Underwear Caught on Tape

Last night 1,000 UCLA college students stripped down to their underwear and ran through the streets of Los Angeles in the annual UCLA Undie Run. The students bare almost all in an event designed to alleviate the stresses and pressure of final exams. The Los Angeles Times was on hand to capture all the frivolities, fun and flesh with a video and photographs of the event. [LA Times]

The Smiths Might Be Reuniting

The Smiths are said to be on the verge of reforming after Morrissey and Johnny Marr recently settled their past differences. A music industry source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The very fact that they are talking again is the most hopeful thing in years.” In October, similar claims suggested that the group was in talks to headline next April's Coachella Festival in California. Time will only tell. [GIGWISE]

Van Halen's Infamous 'No Brown M&Ms' Rider Finally Materializes


It has been said for a very long time that brown M&Ms were not allowed in the backstage candy bowl before a Van Halen show. They banned the brown candies as a way to ensure the rider was being comprehensively read and so that the gig wouldn’t be botched by an inattentive promoter. It's been the subject of rock rider lore for some years now, and it's finally been unearthed. [The Smoking Gun]

PlayStation “Home” Launched

After Wii had success with their Mii avatars, Microsoft jumped on the band wagon a few weeks ago with their own user interface (with avatars).  Now, slow-to-the-game Sony is unveiling their predictably mundane avatars.  It is more realistic and less cartoony than the Wii or the Xbox’s environments, and it allows users to interact with one another using text of voice chat in a sort of virtual café environment. [CNET]

How to Fingerprint a Bullet

Science hasn’t quite reached the level of technology seen in Batman where Bruce Wayne reconstructs the Joker’s fingerprint which was imprinted on shards of brick from the bullet that he shot into a wall.  However, science has progressed with a new technology that uses high voltage electricity run through bullet casing instead of vaporized super glue. [Wired]

The 'Stache is Back


More pictures from Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film Inglorious Basterds have surfaced, and we get another look at Brad Pitt’s neatly trimmed mustache. The film is about a group of Jewish-American soldiers during World War II who set out to cause some major mayhem amongst the ranks of the Nazis. This awesome theme goes along with Pitt’s pretty awesome 'stache, but will the film be as cool as the 'stache? Hard to say. But it’s definitely off to a good start. []

Swedes Dish Out 25 Billion to Ailing Automakers

Contrary to popular belief, Detroit’s Big 3 are far from being the only auto manufactures knee-deep in problems right now. In fact, the Swedish government quickly procured 25 billion crowns (about 3.1 billion dollars) to keep both Saab and Volvo afloat while the credit markets level out. Surprisingly, the Swedish government is not freaking out about how awful their cars are because, unlike many loud-voiced pundits of late, they realize the problem has more to with market conditions, not unsellable products. Hey Congress, are you listening? [Reuters]

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