GSP rules!

January 2, 2010

I can't wait until UFC comes to Vancouver in June 2010.  It will be SO exciting.

My husband is so nice.  He let me join the UFC fight club so that we could purchase tickets prior to general public.  I'm sure they will sell out prior to the general public.  I can't wait until I get my t-shirt in the mail.

I hope that Georges St. Pierre makes it to Vancouver.  It doesn't matter if he fights.  I almost hope he doesn't as I would dislike to see him lose.  Plus if he doesn't have to concentrate on fighting he can focus on being with fans.

GSP framed autographed pic I'm not sure if this pic will show up as it's on my computer and not online.  Do you think this GSP framed autographed picture set with two plates is worth $250?  That's what I paid in a silent auction at a hockey game.  I could have possibly gotten it for $221 but wanted to bid something higher than $220 to ensure I got it.

I hope to get more now that I have 10% off at the UFC store.