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The Top 10 Most Bizarre Sex Scandals in Sports

by davidbreitman   February 03, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 44,375


5. Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Proves Pimpin' Ain't Easy (or Legal)


Source: Stone/Getty Images

In 2007, after collecting a Super Bowl ring for being an invaluable member of the team’s practice squad, Pittsburgh Steelers alleged linebacker Richard Seigler was arrested pandering – or, as it’s more commonly known, trying to sell the sexual services of an eager young woman.

As the story goes, after realizing that the pickings were slim (and kind of gross) in the Pittsburgh prostitution world, Seigler moved back to his hometown of Las Vegas where he began setting up a sex-for-sale business that one satisfied customer called “a nice alternative to sitting alone in my hotel room reeking like slot machines and failure while making a pros-and-cons list about whether or not I should kill myself to stop the loneliness.” With a solid business plan and a few months before CFL try-outs started, Seigler decided to solicit Craigslist to find "customers" – a move that, surprisingly, came back to haunt him.

Seigler was arrested shortly after his foray into online hooker recruitment (let that be a lesson, kids), but was able to evade capture thanks to a tip from Steelers management. Apparently, just before cutting him, team officials casually mentioned that besides being slow, weak, and slightly awkward in group showering situations, they were unimpressed with the warrant out for his arrest – something the Las Vegas police department seemed mildly perturbed about considering Seigler didn’t know about it. The former linebacker ended up being taken into custody, because his slow 40-yard dash time and inability to break tackles would have made him an easy catch had he decided to make a run for the border. He was eventually acquitted of the charges during trial due to lack of evidence and hopes to rejoin an NFL with a liberal moral contract clause.


4. Eugene Robinson Celebrates Winning Christian Moral Fiber Award by Offering an Undercover Cop $40 for Oral Sex the Night Before the Super Bowl

Source: Image Source/Getty Images

Everyone has their own little rituals before the big game. Whether it’s injecting performance enhancing drugs, reviewing child support payment plans, or preparing an apology for the fans you’re about to let down (looking your way, entire Cubs roster) – professional athletes know what it takes to psych themselves up. And in 1999, Atlanta Falcons star defensive player Eugene Robinson was no exception.

In what has become a very popular pre-game tradition in both the Super Bowl and Burbank Youth Soccer League, Robinson prepared for the biggest game of his life by offering a local whore (or, as they prefer to be called - “Barkley Bait”) $40 for some oral sex while his wife and children waited back at the hotel thinking about how lucky
they were to have a Dad willing to forgo his marriage vows in order to get a competitive edge and put food on the table. The plan, however, backfired and the working girl turned out to be an undercover cop. Robinson was subsequently detained for a brief period, and was given time to think about the humanitarian award he won earlier in the day and just how awful he was going to play in the upcoming hours.

For those of you who don’t remember (or put money on the Dirty Birds) Denver crushed Atlanta by two touchdowns the next day.


3. Greg Oden Accidentally Posts Pictures of His Penis on the Internet


Source: Brian Bahr/Getty ImagesSport/Getty Images

After a tumultuous 48 hours that the local media in Portland dubbed “Penis-Gate 2010,” Greg Oden ended the saga of his recently released nudie pics to a confused and somewhat aroused group of reporters.

For those of you who haven’t been following the oddly homoerotic saga, here’s the gist of it:

18 months ago, Oden took a few snapshots of his genitalia to send to his girlfriend (instead of practicing or avoiding becoming the single biggest bust since Kwame Brown or NBC’s Knight Rider remake).

Last week, these photos were leaked pretty much all over the Internet. Later in the day, Oden’s people tried to have them removed.

It failed.

So, Oden apologized for the embarrassment the photos caused, explained that he trusted the wrong people, and noted that Portland really should have drafted Kevin Durant back in 2007. (Okay, the last one wasn’t true - but how awesome would a Brandon Roy/Kevin Durant duo be?)

The best moment in the whole saga, though, came when a female reporter asked how Oden felt about everyone being “impressed” with the size of his junk. In the world of awkward questions from journalists this one ranks somewhere between “Seriously, Mr. Odom – you know you can do better, right?” and “Wait, Leinart – you’re still on this team?”


2. Alex Rodriguez Dumps Goldie Hawn’s Daughter to Spend More Time Pleasuring Himself in front of the Mirror  (Allegedly)


Source: Details Magazine

After denying reports that he and his own reflection were going to elope in Eastern Canada (where pretty much any sex act is both legal and covered by Universal Healthcare), recent World Series champion and well-coifed lothario Alex Rodriguez reportedly decided to take a break from dating actual human beings, in order to spend more time “basking in his own awesomeness.”

The future home run king was apparently disappointed that he spent too much time finding love and making friends, while neglecting the simple things in life like begging magazines to feature him topless and rubbing baby oil all over himself before taking a nice jog through Central Park.

If there’s one thing Alex Rodriguez cares about more than pretending he never took steroids or learning to play the tuba, it’s being just one of the guys. And every red-blooded American knows the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, getting enough sleep, and spending at least seven hours a day flexing in front of the mirror while Jorge Posada sobs gently into his glove in the next locker to hide the quiet shame.

1. Two New York Yankees Players Trade Wives During the Offseason


Source: Photochoice/Getty Images

Don’t you wish life was a little more like sports? The ability to skip work because it’s raining outside (like baseball), sleep with gorgeous women year-round (like curling), and treat girlfriends like roster players that you can cut or trade at any moment with no hard feelings (like Icelandic midget hunting).

Whenever I enter a relationship with a young woman, I secretly wonder what her trade value is, or if I happen to put her on the girlfriend waiver wire – what type of guy would sign her to a long term marriage deal. Well, in 1972,  New York Yankees “stars” Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich decided to take a page out of the George Steinbrenner playbook and make a hasty trade – for each other’s wives.

After attending a swinger’s party in the offseason allegedly hosted by a sportswriter who just became my new hero, the two players nailed each other’s spouses while a group of sexual deviants listened closely outside of the door. The sex must have been pretty good, though, because following the encounter Kekich’s wife waived her no-trade clause and stuck with Peterson – leading to baseball’s first ever intra-team wife swap. The trade was finalized later in the year, proving once again that the Yankees really are the single greatest, and most sexually disturbing, thing to happen to baseball.


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