A-Rod Distracts Tiger Woods Media Explosion by Breaking up with Kate Hudson

December 14, 2009

Though he hasn’t technically come out and said it yet, given what a team player Alex Rodriguez has become over the past three months, it’s pretty clear that when he kicked Kate Hudson to the curb this morning he did it to help his good friend  some other rich guy get a bit of a breather.

Rodriguez, a well-adjusted 34-year-old who owns three different centaur paintings of himself, has been dating the expiring actress for nearly a year - and many people who get paid to report on which celebrities are sleeping together assumed they’d be married well before the Chicago Cubs made the playoffs again.

It was, however, not meant to be, extending Hudson's Joe DiMaggio-esque celebrity break-up streak that has her batting 0-4 with famous boyfriends. (It's too bad, because she had so much promise in the minors.)

On behalf of Spike (and Tiger Woods' publicist) I look forward to the pending scandal and hope that this can somehow, in any way, positively affect my Toronto Blue Jays who just traded away the A.L.'s best pitcher for two players who have two-and-a-half combined innings of major league experience.

Source: Michael Buckner/Getty Images