Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Round 3 Loser's Bracket

August 31, 2009

DW- Round 3: Loser's Bracket

It's elimination time as five of these warriors are going to join the Yakuza, Maori, Ninja and Gladiator, who were all knocked out of the tournament in previous rounds.

Gurkha Rifles vs. Green Beret
This is a tough match up because one of these outstanding units is going to get dumped from the tournament without notching a single victory.

The British Gurkha Rifles are one of the finest infantry units in the world. Renown for their fighting skill and bravery in battle, these versatile soldiers take the fight directly to the enemy.


Green Berets are an elite unit of the U.S. Army specializing in counterinsurgency. These specialized units are tasked with eight primary missions: unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, psychological operations and information operations.

Tactics & Terrain vs. Hit & Run: Being front-line combat troops, the Gurkhas rely on time-tested assault tactics and judicious use of terrain for protection. Green Berets are famous for their hit and run tactics where they strike an enemy hard and fast then get out before the even knows what happened. Edge: Even

Close Combat
E-Tool vs. Kukri
The E-Tool is slow, but can do some damage, while the Kukri is one of the best fighting knives in the world. Edge: Gurkha

Beretta Pistol vs. L9A1 Pistol
This is a close call because both pistols are highly accurate and fire the same ammunition, but the Beretta gets a slight edge for having a higher magazine capacity. Edge: Gr. Beret

M4A1 Carbine vs. L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle
The L1A1 is higher caliber but the M4A1 is the more accurate and more modern weapon. Edge: Gr. Beret

Long Range
M24 Rifle vs. L42A1 Rifle
Both weapons are accurate and use the same caliber of bullet, but the M24 has a longer effective range, while the L42A1 has a higher ammo capacity. When talking about sniper rifles, though, longer range trumps more ammo. Edge: Gr. Beret

Mossberg Shotgun & M67 Grenade vs. L7A1 GPMG
Apples and oranges comparison here as the Mossberg and M67 combo would be great for blasting enemies from cover, while the "Gimpy" would sweep clear the open spaces between cover. Tough call, but I'll go with the mass firepower of the GPMG. Edge: Gurkha.

This battle was incredibly close to call, but the Gurkhas managed to pull out the win thanks to a combination of machine gun and battle rifle proving to be too much firepower for the Green Beret sniper rifle and assault rifle. The Green Berets lost two squeakers to get put out of the tournament, which is sure to upset many fans, but they showed very well against the best in the world and could have won either match up.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Gurkha Gr.Beret
Close       30      10   
Short       50      60
220     250
Long        50      80
Special    160      90       
Total      510     490

Winner: British Gurkha Rifles


Pirate vs. Mongol Warrior
This is an interesting battle between two infamous warriors who struck fear in the hearts of anyone who crossed their paths.

Pirates were the most feared fighters of their day. They used cunning, stealth and deception to create weakness and confusion before they went in for the kill.


Mongol Warriors were fierce nomads from the steppes of Asia who forged one of the largest empires in history by crushing enemy after enemy and spreading terror from the sea of Japan all the way to the heart of Europe.

Surprise vs. Leather, Iron & Silk
The main defense of a Pirate was the shock and awe they created from surprise attacks. The Mongols had a multi-layer defense capable of stopping arrows, swords and knives. Edge: Mongol

Close Combat
Cutlass & Boarding Axe vs. Scimitar
The combination of Cutlass & Boarding axe are deadly when up close, but they won't do very well against a mounted Mongol swinging a 4 foot Scimitar. Edge: Mongol

Blunderbuss vs. Mongol Lance
The Lance can be devastating in the hands of a charging Mongol rider, but the Blunderbuss is devastating and can kill anything that gets within range. Edge: Pirate

Long Range
Flintlock Pistol vs. Recurve Bow
The Flintlock has good killing power but it isn't accurate enough and doesn't have the range to contend with the rapid fire and extreme range of the Mongol Bow. Edge: Mongol

Grenado vs. Horse & Lasso
The Lasso just seems like the wrong weapon to use on an agile, unarmored, Pirate. Whereas, the Grenado can blast and stun the Mongol or his horse and bring him down to the Prate's level. Edge: Pirate

I would like the Pirate's chances much better if he had a flintlock rifle or maybe even a small cannon to deal with the mounted Mongol. As far as this match up goes, I see it as a runaway in favor of the Mongol bow.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Pirate Mongol
Close       60     100   
120     100
Long        70     390
Special    150      10       
Total      400     600

Winner: Mongol Warrior


DW- Shaolin Monk vs. Aztec Jaguar

Shaolin Monk vs. Aztec Jaguar

This is a match up between two spiritual warriors, one who tried to obtain personal enlightenment and the other who tried to please the gods.

The art of Kung Fu was invented by the Shaolin Monks as a form of meditation and exercise at first, but due to constant attacks by the Chinese army over hundreds of years, developed into one of the deadliest and most famous fighting styles in the world.


Jaguar warriors were elite soldiers in the Aztec army that came from the nobility of Aztec society and dressed themselves head to toe in the skins of a jaguar. Often called the knights of the Aztec army, these warriors wielded some of the most vicious weapons in the Aztec arsenal and came to battle wearing quilted cotton armor that was light but effective.

Kung Fu vs. Chimalli & Ichcahuipilli
The main defense of a Shaolin Monk was the amazing Kung Fu he practiced for hour upon hour, which gave him the speed and agility needed to dodge or block most attacks. The Jaguar had a small shield and quilted cotton armor that were resistant to blades and darts. Edge: Jaguar

Close Combat
Emei Piercers vs. Quauhololli
Emei Piercers were fast and deadly little daggers used to distract and kill, while the Quahololli was a brutal stone mace used to smash skulls and break bones. Edge: Jaguar

Staff vs. Tepoztopilli
These are two versatile pole arms with very different uses. The Staff is a lightning fast weapon used to bludgeon and stun, or as an effective defensive weapon.The Tepoztopilli is mostly an offensive weapon with sharp blades that can be thrown like a spear or wielded like a halberd. Edge: Monk

Long Range
Whip Chain vs. Atlatl
The Whip Chain is effective at keeping enemies at bay, but the Atlatl can kill at long range. Edge: Jaguar

Twin Hooks vs. Macuahuiltl
The bladed sword/club of the Jaguar was a powerful weapon that could be used to stun prisoners or take their heads. The twin hooks were even more versatile as they could be used for defense and disarming as well as killing. Edge: Monk

This will be an excellent battle of styles as the all out assault of the Jaguar tries to get past the Monk's defensive weapons and extraordinary Kung-Fu. This fight reminds me a lot of Monk vs. Maori except that the Jaguar has armor and a ranged weapon that can counter the devastating power of the Monk's twin hooks. Winner: Aztec Jaguar

(Kill Estimates)
Kills      Monk   Jaguar
Close      100     130   
80      60
Long        20     180
Special    280     150       
Total      480     520

Winner: Aztec Jaguar


Sicilian Mafia vs. U.S. Rough Riders
This is a strange match up featuring two groups that could technically be classified as civilians, but also classified as soldiers.

30's era Mafia ruled the streets with money, violence, and intimidation. They were a criminal organization that stressed family, loyalty and business.

The 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, better known as the "Rough Riders", were formed by Theodore Roosevelt just prior to the Spanish-American war. Despite being in existence for only 133 days they won a place in American history by fighting bravely and charging into battle against the Spanish Army that occupied Cuba.

Connections vs. Tactics
The Mafia used Police, Judges and Politicians as protection against their enemies and the law. The Rough Riders were formed by a future U.S. President and used terrain to their advantage in combat with the Spanish army. Edge: R. Riders

Close Combat
Ice Pick & Baseball Bat  vs. Colt Peacemaker 1873
The old saying goes, "never bring a knife to a gunfight". The same holds true for bats and icepicks. Edge: R. Riders

Sawed-Off Shotgun vs. Winchester M1895 Carbine
The double barrel sawed-off shotgun is pretty devastating up close, but as a mid-range weapon it can't compare to the range and rapid fire of the M1895 Carbine. Edge: R. Riders

Long Range
Tommy Gun vs. Krag-Jorgenson Rifle
The Thompson is the only bit of military hardware in the Mafia's arsenal and it should even things up against the Riders, even though the Krag is a rifle with longer range. Edge: Mafia

Molotov Cocktail vs. Model 1895 Gatling Gun
The Mafia could take out a Gatling and its crew with a Molotov if they got close enough, but it would be very hard to get close enough through a hail of bullets. Edge: R. Riders

I think the Mafia will use the Thompson to good effect in this fight, but the aggressive tactics and overall greater firepower of the Rough Riders will win the day handily.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Mafia   R.Riders
Close       10      60   
Mid         60     140
Long       25
0     180
Special     50     250       
Total      370     630

Winner: U.S. Rough Riders


DW- Zhou Warrior vs. Samurai

Chinese (Zhou Dynasty) Warriors vs. Japanese Samurai

This match up seems almost unfair as it pits a lone Samurai against three Chinese Zhou warriors and their powerful war chariot. That is, until you take into account the fact that the Samurai has a 2,000 year advantage in technology and believes himself to be the equal of twenty men.

Zhou charioteers were mostly noblemen who were equipped with heavy armor and weapons, and rode into battle on multi-horse chariots.


The Samurai were elite warriors who mastered a large array of weapons and lived their lives according to the highly ethical code of Bushido. Like Spartans, Samurai fought to the death. The Japanese believed that, in battle, a single Samurai was the equal of twenty regular soldiers.

Leather vs. Banded Steel
Zhou Warriors often used heavy armor made of boiled leather on a fabric backing with a red lacquer to harden it. Most Samurai used leather and banded-steel plates to protect their bodies and a wide sloping helmet to protect their head and neck. Edge: Samurai

Close Combat
Jian vs. Katana
The Jian was a fine bronze era sword and was often made to masterwork standards of the time, however, it cannot compare to the folded steel of a Katana. Edge: Samurai

Ge (hook) vs. Naginata
The Zhou Hook was a specialized weapon to pull enemy riders from their chariots. The Naganata was a vicious and swift pole-arm that was good against infantry or mounted enemies. Edge: Samurai

Long Range
Recurve Bow vs. Yumi Bow
The Recurve bow is designed to be compact yet powerful and can fire masses of arrows very quickly. The Yumi is a longbow designed for pinpoint accuracy and long range shooting. Edge: Samurai

Chariot vs. Kanabo
The Zhou Chariot was an intimidating battle wagon that could deliver soldiers to the battlefield and crush enemies under its wheels. The Kanabo was a fearsome club that could stop men in their tracks, but I doubt it could stop a rampaging chariot. Edge: Zhou

The Samurai has a clear edge in weapons and armor but he is a lone man, on foot, against three armored warriors in a battle wagon. I think this battle will come down to three factors; First is that each of the Samurai's weapons have enough length to step aside and still strike at the chariot as it passes by. Second, is the difficulty the Chinese will have in penetrating the Samurai armor. Finally, the superior range and accuracy of the Yumi bow will negate some of the Chariot's mobility advantage. Winner: Samurai

(Kill Estimates)
Kills      Zhou   Samurai
Close       80     100   
Mid         5
0     140
Long       150     180
Special    200     100       
Total      480     520

Winner: Samurai