Final Fights Are Here!

September 25, 2010

Throughout the course of history, man has had to defend himself. A common enemy back in prehistoric times was undoubdtedly the cave bear. Humans killed them, and they killed humans. They were the closest things we had to natural predators. However, we also had no means of defence, leading us to create weaponry. Then, human differences caused us to war amongst ourselves. Small tribes would fight and raid members of another tribe. Eventually, it became more complex than that. Empires arose, and rogue bandits formed pacts to take cities down. Today, we still have countries going to war. To this day, there have been over a thousand wars in recorded history! War seems unavoidable. But with war comes warrior classes. Some unscrupulous, others following a code of honor. Yes, there are a lot of warriors in history. But when two who have never met before meet, we begin a showdown to determine who is...the Deadliest warrior!

Plain English: Throughout the week, I will be adding final fights to my matchups. Check back on my previous matches and see who wins! (2nd page for those of you who don't want to read the whole thing again. Lazy bastards! Where's your sense of adventure and analysis?) Anyway, I would like people to comment and critique on my analysis of the two warriors. Maybe you know something I didn't know. If the pictures in an article are missing, try to look the weapon up.

Note: I leave out kills in many of my fights because there are so many factors of both sides that it should not be limited to how many kills a weapon should get. However, if I feel that warriors are close to dead even in skill, I introduce the number of kills each weapon gets. Also, the fights were not written in order, which may explain why some are better written than others.

-The essay was based on personal research, for those who were curious.

Also, it seems my matches were deleted, but I think Spike will repost them in time.