Harold Ramis Sheds a Little Light on Ghostbusters 3

June 8, 2009

Thanks to the new Ghostbusters video game and Blu-ray release, lots of little bits of gossip, rumor, and genuine news are leaking. Like what, you ask? Well, director Ivan Reitman, director of the first two movies, has finally thrown his hat in the ring for the third. Also, Harold Ramis gives us a preview of a couple lines from Ghostbusters 3.

MTV gives us the goods, spreading all sorts of gossip about the potential Ghostbusters 3. Such as: Ivan Reitman, after acting like he was too cool for school when it came to directing Ghostbusters 3 has finally gotten off crazy pills and admitted that he's considering the job:

I’ve never ruled [directing it] out. I certainly was responsible in every capacity for the first two movies so I certainly wouldn’t wander away from the third one—especially if it’s something we all think is worth doing.

Now that he knows Ramis is down for the job and there's a little bit of competition he's more interested. At least, that's how it sounds.

Also, it's looking like the script that Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg have been laboring on might finally be close to completion. Reitman stated, "The script is going to be turned in a month or so and we’ll see."

But it turns out Ramis isn't Reitman's only competition to direct this much anticipated sequel. Director Jake Kasdan (Orange County, Walk Hard) has also expressed interest:

I was sent an e-mail from a source inside the industry who wanted to relate a little Ghostbusters 3 gossip. According to them, Jake Kasdan wants the directing gig. As in actively wants it and, I would assume, is pursuing it.

And, finally, Empire magazine has printed a statement made by Ramis that contains the a couple lines he would like to appear in the movie. Think of the following as your (potential) first trailer of Ghostbusters 3:

I’m intrigued by my idea for where Egon has been. He’s been working in the International Institute For Imaginary Science, in Geneva. He’s evolved a post-rational, non-conclusive logic for dealing with problems of chaos. Someone asks him ‘What does that mean?’ and he says ‘There are no spatial, conceptual or intellectual models to describe it - so we don’t know.’ Egon’s gone so abstract, even he doesn’t know what he’s doing!

Good stuff all around. 'Bout time we started getting some information on the next Ghostbusters. This thing's been in the making for 20 years and some of us fans have been very patient the past couple of decades.

Source: Francois Durand/Getty Images