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Autopsy: Jesse vs. The Internet

by spike.com   July 09, 2009 at 12:52PM  |  Views: 763

You also wanted to see if Jesse could catch a rattlesnake. Snakes have been around since the dawn of evolution. They have a highly evolved protection system with a brain that only functions in two modes: on or off. Their instinct is to kill to eat. While their top speed may not be remarkable, the desire to protect and kill is. Most snakes are relatively harmless until provoked and that is just what the doctor ordered as Jesse goes to the extreme to try to catch one. Moving at 15 feet per second, rattlesnakes have a super quick attack and are a hard target to catch making Jesse’s precision the most important factor, otherwise it will be rattlesnake one, Jesse none. And if you think you could jump out of the way of an attack, with the range and speed of a snake attack, you would have to be able to draw your hand back 2 feet in less then a 10th of second. Not likely, so precision is a must.

Jesse has to sight his target and make the perfect grab if he wants to avoid being bitten. While not every rattlesnake bite is lethal, amputations and infection are quite common. Even with quick intervention and good anti-venom, the recovery road is painful and slow – something Jesse does not want to see. Think this one is easy? By the time Jesse registers the fact that snake is striking, it will have already bitten him. Jesse will need to stay completely focused. He will need a super-fine level of precision, one he is not normally used to, to guide his ultra quick reflexes to strike without being struck out!

Lastly, you chose to have Jesse do an extreme pizza drop. Ok, enough said. What the heck can he do to prepare? Nothing? Something? One thing is for sure, if he gets lost, he will have plenty of food. I could hit you with some BS science, but truthfully, I am not sure what would even sound reasonable. My take: “watch the show and you tell me.” Seriously, this is just pure fun, so roll with it. Jesse is crazy, so are his fans, so sit back and enjoy.

David Sandler is the Science Advisor for 'Jesse James is a Dead Man', and President and Co-Founder of StrengthPro, Inc. He can be reached at info@strengthpro.com


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