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Autopsy: Jesse vs. The Internet

by spike.com   July 09, 2009 at 12:52PM  |  Views: 772

Trying to push Jesse to his breaking point is not an easy feat. He has battled tough terrain, extreme conditions, and challenged speed, and survived to see another day. But to keep him in line, and to thwart those who think everything he does is just a “set-up”, we threw it out to you to give us his next set of challenges. In this episode, Jesse battles your ideas and tries to avoid being part of internet abyss of Dead and Gone.

You suggested Monster Truck house crushing and Jesse took on the task. Monster Truck Racing has been around since the early 80’s. Bob Chandler, considered by many, to be the originator of Monster Truck crushing, built and drove BIGFOOT over a few cars for the heck of it in 1974. Since then, the sport has grown exponentially, as has the truck design over the last 35 years, creating some of the most exciting spectacles in all of motor sports. Conjuring up ways to crush things with a car has been the “entertainment” part of Monster Truck excitement for years. Literally everything has been crushed, jumped, or pushed out of the way, so your idea of Monster Trucks meets House couldn’t be a better choice!

Sure monster trucks have crushed motor homes and drove through buildings, but to our knowledge, nobody has attempted to jump into a house from the top down! But Jesse James will give it a shot. So what is so impressive about jumping in to a house? First, you chose the task, not Jesse. Second, he is not a trained stuntman. Although he risks his life and tries daring feats, he generally does not fly through the air in a monster truck. And third, he doesn’t practice this kind of stunt. Ever.  So while it may look like a pretty “normal” stunt, it is anything but that, and Jesse will have to draw on his keen sense of making the difficult become easy. He will truly be putting some of those hidden skills to the test.

Jesse has to worry about several things if he wants to make it out of this test alive. Besides the obvious crash impact itself, he has to be concerned with what he is landing on, how he takes off, and the car itself making enough power to get him off the ramp but not too much to take him past his landing point. This test requires timing, skill, focus, and guts. Jesse, the king of Chillin’, is always relaxed but better not let his guard down. He still has to land and withstand a bone crushing impact. Of course that assumes he lands upright using the house as a cushion. He will have all the safety precautions necessary and the truck’s monster suspension will handle a large portion of the impact, but he could still get knocked out, break bones, or worse, find himself in serious danger, especially if part of the house becomes a human skewer.

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