Fill your Head with Vodka

October 28, 2008

Just in time for a Halloween blowout, this Crystal Skull Vodka is available from Bevmo for $45.00 plus shipping.  Be warned, though, the terrible, blood-soaked curse you bring on yourself and those you love when you imbibe will cost you dearly.  Probably something that works out to be a lot more than $45. 

No joke, this vodka is filtered through 500,000 Euro worth of diamonds.  Possible joke, and quote from the bottle:

One of the most compelling archeological mysteries is the story of the 13 Crystal Heads.  These heads are believed to be between 5,000 and 55,000 years old and were carved over a period of several hundred years but without any tool marks. In fact their very construction defies the laws of physics and common logic.

Don’t believe?  Just ask actor/crazy *&%$ing dude, Dan Akroyd.  That Dan Akroyd is just waiting to get beamed up, but to kill time until that happens, he figures you might as well get lit on skull vodka.