Extra Point with Bill Bates

by spike.com   July 06, 2009 at 11:51AM  |  Views: 154

It's Game Day again for 4th and Long and coach Bill Bates shares his thoughts on the show. The Rivals out played us the first half of the game and Preston played a major role in their success. For some reason, our guys did not start well in these games. You would think with all that is on the line, they would start and finish well. Our guys can not afford to start poorly when in training camp with the Cowboys. The bottom line is to win and we made more plays then the Rivals and we sent Jerry Rice home with a loss. 

The coaches knew that the cut players would come to prove a point. When the dust settled, Preston McGann out played all of his teammates. Unfortunately, we have to narrow the players down to a final selection and the numbers game could not rescue Preston and Gamble.

As we enter the last few weeks of the show, 6 players remain and it has been very hard to get to this point. They have all paid the price, but we can only give one player the contract. How many will be left after tonight?


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