Justin Bieber Begins Annoying a Completely Different Set of Fans

November 19, 2010

Now that Justin Bieber has successfully urinated all over popular music with his patented brand of prepubescent gangsta pop, the teenage – sigh – heartthrob, has his sights set on angering a brand new group of people.

At a recent concert in Boston, Bieber performed to the vocal delight of misguided tween girls and windowless van owners in the "Megan's Law" section. The only problem was he did it while wearing a New York Yankees hat.

According to the Boston Herald, Bieber didn’t just limit his athletic douchebaggery to a single sport, though. He decided to make Celtics fans just as angry as the Red Sox ones in attendance by throwing his support behind the purple and gold:

He couldn’t let it rest. J-Bieb told the Boston crowd that Kobe is the “greatest player on earth,” although he “respects” the Celtics and hopes the Green come in second to the Lakers in the NBA Finals next year.

Yes, sports fans. Pop music's answer to Sunny Delight is both a Los Angeles Lakers and New York Yankees groupie. It’s unclear whether he also loves the Dallas Cowboys and Duke basketball as well, but seeing as how his hometown in Eastern Canada is considered “Notre Dame Football country," we should expect to see him in a throwback Joe Montana jersey at a future show.

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images