Rivers Cuomo to Ruin Career By Working with Katy Perry

October 14, 2009

Weezer mastermind Rivers Cuomo is apparently trying to destroy his career by announcing that he will be collaborating with Ms. Katy Perry on a few new tunes. Puking in your mouth just a little bit would be the proper reaction to this unbelievable musical pairing.

In a recent interview with Buzznet, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo reported that he's planning to work with voluptuous pop starlet Katy Perry on some new material in the very near future. During a very strange word association game with a Buzznet interviewer, Rivers revealed that he and Katy P. will be in the studio sometime next week recording material that might end up on her next LP. Rivers stated: "We're writing together next week. Can't wait!"

I just think he wants to stare at her boobs for a while.

Here’s the interview:

Source: Buzznet