New Acceptable Way to Feel Up Women

May 19, 2008


A new t-shirt has made it easier and more acceptable totouch a woman’s breasts in public. The catch is you have to pretend to beblind.  

Artist Barbara Loomis has designed a series of t-shirtsintended for the blind that use Braille. The t-shirts have the phrase “Do NotTouch the Art” printed on them. The only way to decipher what the t-shirts sayis to touch them, which makes being blind a whole lot more fun. Loomis says shedesigned the t-shirts because blind people are often left out of the visual artsby the fact that museums do not let patrons touch or feel the artworks. Theset-shirts are a fun way to include the visually impaired.

This t-shirt is clever, a work of art and may help you getsome action. It can be bought in museum gift stores across Europe.