Captain America is Historically Accurate

May 23, 2008


I mean that as he actually existed/exists.  I also mean, though, that the upcomingCaptain Americamovie is going to be a period piece set during WWII, according to iesb.

It’s supposed to debut in 2011, which is so far away I can’teven wrap my mind around it, but what would be great is if the took a cue fromIndiana Jones and shoot the thing with actual, non-digital movie cameras anduse as little cgi as possible (just the one cue, though.  There should be minimal aliens in Captain America).

If that can be achieved, the next most important thing (duh)is to get a rad dude and a foxy broad to be in it.  Foxy broads are a dime a dozen (literally in Tijuana), but it takes aman of true grit to play the Captain.  Obviouslyit should be a man of character and strength (physical and moral).  And I’ll submit that, like the President,they’ve got to be native-born.  Who doyou think dares to hoist the shield?