Sony Waggle Controller Weirder than Wii

November 3, 2008

Shortly before Halloween, Sony filed a patent for an extremely odd-looking control system that seems to be some kind of mutant hybrid between a Wiimote and a sex toy that’s only legal in Eastern Europe.

Don’t get too excited! As awesome as the games associated with such a controller would be, we’re a long way off production so you’ll have to make do with your sexy Wii DIY hacks for a bit longer.

As it stands, the patent is for a controller whose movement is tracked wirelessly (like the Wiimote) but using ultrasonic frequencies transmitted to the already-existing PlayStation Eye camera. 

Another cool thing about this controller, though, is that it appears to be more versatile than the Wiimote insofar as it can breakdown and recombine with itself.  It can (apparently) be attached to your feet as in the soccer game pictured below.