Mantenna - Friday, August 14

August 14, 2009

Miss Universe gets sexy for Maxim, Sega Genesis turns 20, and why Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson...the Mantenna is watching your every move.

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"Topless" Miss Universe Pictures Revealed

23-year-old Miss Universe winner Dayana Mendoza is famous the world over for...well, being a pretty much perfect specimen of womanhood. This is perhaps best evidenced by the smoking hot pictorials set to be published in an upcoming issue of Maxim. Be sure to take a look at these because this is one global cause we think everyone can get behind. [Perez Hilton]

Why Tony Romo Dumped Jessica Simpson

The question of why the famed quarterback broke up the admittedly ditzy Jessica Simpson has plagued the country for weeks now, but finally, our long national nightmare is over. According to unnamed sources close to Romo, the real reason for the dumping has to do with out-of-control drinking and general asshattery from Simpson. Huh. And all this time we could've sworn it was those mom jeans. [WWTDD]

Sega Genesis Turns 20

Would you believe it's been 20 years since the first Sega Genesis hit U.S. stores?  Well, it's true, and even if it makes you feel old, there's no better time to celebrate the wonderfully nostalgic charms of the classic 16-bit system. So make sure you play some Sonic tonight. [Kotaku]

Jason Patric is a Loser

Jason Patric is now part of the cast of The Losers, a movie adaptation of the DC-Vertigo comic. He’s going to play a CIA agent named Max who tries to kill a team of black ops members played by Chris Evans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Idris Elba. Usually Patric doesn’t go for these kinds of projects, but he stated, “Let's face it, the geeks have inherited the world, and if you want to be a player in this system, you have to be willing to do some of this.” Well, at least he’s enthusiastic. [Variety]

Jonathan Demme Leaves Bob Marley Documentary

The documentary about Bob Marley, titled Marley, has not had a whole lot of luck. First Martin Scorsese left the film in May, and now Jonathan Demme, who took up the reins of the film after Scorsese left, is also leaving the film. Steve Bing, the film’s producer, apparently took a look at the first rough cut of the film and didn’t like what he saw. And then Demme bailed. This is not good news. How many directors will this project go through before everyone just agrees that it’s cursed? [/Film]

These are Radiohead’s "Twisted Words"


Source: Getty Images

A new Radiohead song hit the web yesterday titled, “These Are My Twisted Words.” Radiohead hasn’t said anything about the song yet, though fans are speculating that it’s going to be the first song from Wall of Ice, a soon-to-be-released EP from the band. Thom Yorke, Radiohead’s lead singer, said that there weren’t any new albums coming down the pike in the near future, but that new material would be coming in the forms of individual songs or EPs. [Rolling Stone]

Jumping the Shark

Shark Week has come and gone, and now beach bums everywhere have a healthy sense of paranoia concerning those predators that have evolved very little over the past several million years. Luckily we don’t have to leave everything in the hands of fate, as there are six gadgets that could quite possibly extend your life expectancy when swimming in the ocean. Perhaps the coolest gadget is a WASP knife that, when stabbed in a fish that has its teeth sunk in your back side, injects compressed gas into said fish that expands, freezes, and explodes the fishy flesh around it. I mean, that’s just a good gadget to have for any scenario. [Gizmodo]

The Top 10 Embarrassing Novelty Rap Songs

Who among us has not, at one point or another, totally gotten down to "Do the Bartman"or Mr. T's rap ode to his mama? That's right, we're talking embarrassing novelty rap songs. You can't always keep it real with some street-ready beats, so the good folks over at Buzzfeed have saved you the trouble of searching for the lowest of the low and littering your internet history with shameful evidence of your love for Will Smith. [Buzzfeed]

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