Avatar 2 Could Be in Pre-Production

January 27, 2010

James Cameron spent so much of his life making the first Avatar you'd think he'd want a break before he plunged into the second, but rumors are going around that he might be delving into pre-production for the sequel already. Does this man never sleep?

SlashFilm has the scoop:

According to the source, some behind-the-scenes technical crew have signed on for three-to-five year contracts, just in case it runs long. While I’m unable to confirm this report with a second source, this bit shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as Cameron has always said that he hopes to create an Avatar trilogy.

Do you think Cameron should do a different film before leaping right back into Pandora? Or does the world need a sequel now? It looks like we're going to get one whether we want it or not.

Let's just hope they don't rush the production in order to meet a release date. It's probably safe to say a large part of Avatar's success is due to all the love and care that went into it.

And this begs the question -- is Sam Worthington going to be in the sequel?

Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images