Paris Hilton Too Hot for Brazil

February 25, 2010

A Brazilian beer commercial starring Paris Hilton has been deemed sexually provocative (even by Brazilian standards) and is being investigated for being "too sensual" by a Brazilian government authority. See it after the jump.

The commercial for Devassa Bem Loura beer features Hilton in a black mini-dress, acting sexy with a can of beer. The spot is hardly as sexual as Hilton's commercial for fast food chain Carl’s Jr., yet the spot is being investigated by Conar, the country’s self-regulatory body. Three separate complaints are been filed, including one that says the commercial violates Conar’s code governing beer advertising that says "advertising models won't be treated as sex objects." This could be tricky for the beer company, as Hilton practically has “sex object” listed on her resume.

The company will have 10 days to respond to the complaints. What do you think? Is it too sensual?


Source: Devassa Bem Loura