Flip Facts: A Huge Mistake

September 28, 2012
Park City, once an unknown mining town 30 minutes east of Salt Lake City, is now considered the Beverly Hills of Utah. Home to approximately 7822 people, it is best known for two dynamic attractions; skiing and the Sundance Film Festival.

The Flip Men purchased this 3 story, 4000 square foot home in what is referred to as "Old Town" Park City, complete with breathtaking permanent unobstructed views of two ski resorts and just 3 blocks away from the infamous Main Street. Homes in this area typically vary in price from $800,000 to well over $2,000,000.

The Front Exterior

Because the property was in "Old Town" we were required to submit a request through the Park City Historical Society in order to modify any part of the property insomuch as to the positioning of the mailbox (we think the Olympics may have less hurdles). That being said, Park City's restrictions ultimately have helped increase and maintain home values and their salability.

We speak often of investing in a property's curb appeal, and in this case it was more of a functional obsolescence issue rather than appeal. The sliding door in the front made way to a foot length patio with no practical use and aligned with a large window that exposed the master closet. We opted to expand the front facade to create a larger master closet with a less intrusive window and then added a 4 by 7 foot patio complemented by clear glass railings that wrapped around all of the exterior decking. Also, we increased the size of the driveway to accommodate one more parking space and installed a top of the line heating system throughout the entire driveway.

We chose an earth tone Kwal exterior forest-colored paint with tan trim and swapped the dilapidated wood garage doors for Universal sleek black metal to withstand Park City's harsher climate.

The Kitchen

When we found the property it had been completed stripped of cabinets, fixtures, and appliances except for a black double sided fridge, as if someone had begun an extensive renovation project and either ran out of money or interest. Park City caters to a more expensive buying clientele and it was imperative that the kitchen matched the expectations of any potential buyer. We have found a new level of respect for the dedicated craftsmanship that went into creating one of the most luxurious kitchens we have ever enlisted. Custom cabinetry, Bianco Romano granite countertops, Woodfloor Warehouse's high prep solid wood floors, Bosch appliances, slate backsplash, and topped off with a $3000 espresso machine, making this the most expensive kitchen we have ever built.

The Master Bedroom

The property, prior to our involvement, seemed to carry a theme based on wasted space. A prime example of this was the double staircase leading from the subpar master bathroom to the master bedroom. We believe in having an "open" floor plan - just not when it comes to a bathroom (it literally had no privacy). We enclosed the right-hand side staircase and middle supporting wall which gave the master bedroom an additional 3 feet of space, continued Woodfloor Warehouse's high prep solid wood throughout the master and into the office, and finished the interior with Kwal's George Water paint.

The Master Bathroom

These pictures hardly touch on the mastery of this contemporary bathroom. Starting with the expansion of the walk in clothing suite and added linen closet, we utilized every inch of this personal spa. We removed the single enclosed shower and replaced it with a 12 head, double slotted standard, complete with optional steam controlled by 3 separate values. The jetted tub acts as the center piece on this heated slate floor with adjacent his and her vanities.

The Deck

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