Classic MTV: Heavy Metal's 'We Are The World'

April 3, 2008


Who will save Africa?!

Ronnie James Dio, that's who!

Remember when the biggest names in pop music formed supergorups and began lending their talents to starving nations in need? Of course you do. The most memorable collaborations were obviously Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and USA for Africa's "We Are the World." But people tend to forget about the greatest joint effort in the history of music, Hear 'n Aid's "Stars."

In the spring of 1985, mini maestro Ronnie James Dio brought the biggest names in heavy metal together for an Aqua Net extravaganza. Members of Dokken, Twisted Sister and Judas Priest tried to use their screeching vocals and endless guitar solos to fill starving bellies around the world.

Did it work? You be the judge.