Mantenna - Friday, April 17

April 17, 2009

Kim Kardashian falls asleep with her sunglasses on, a behind-the-scenes look at Steven Spielberg's latest, and Green Day puts on an old fashioned rock's the Mantenna!

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Kim Kardashian Got Burned

While on vacation in Mexico in a “tropical paradise,” Kim Kardashian got a little too much sun and now she looks like a raccoon, albeit one with a spectacular a**.  She tweeted “PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sunburned! I fell asleep with huge glasses on yesterday! This tan line is not ok!!!”  It must be hard being her.  We can empathize with her all-caps struggle.  Don’t worry, Kim.  We’ll help you.  Let us get a giant bottle of aloe vera, and why don’t you just pop that shirt off so we can get started? [WWTDD]

First Behind-the-Scenes Look at Tintin

Steven Spielberg is busy at work on his film adaptation of the internationally famous children’s book series Tintin. The first behind-the-scenes photo from the set has surfaced, and in it we get to see two of the stars -– Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis –- taking some kind of direction from Spielberg as Peter Jackson hangs back, apparently taking lessons in how to direct from the great master. Bell and Serkis are both attired in motion capture suits with eerie little white dots spackled across their faces and silly helmets on their heads. Ahh, the sacrifices they make for art. Empire magazine promises to release more pictures as they get them. Anyone pumped to see this yet? []

Invent Gadgets for James Bond

The gadgeteer for the James Bond series, Q, had a pretty good gig.  Take a normal everyday item like a pen, and make that sucka completely deadly.  Now, her majesty is hiring someone for that real life job. They're apparently looking for someone that has "world-class scientific expertise and credibility, excellent strategic skills, outstanding influencing and communication skills" and a successful record of "managing critical projects and processes in a complex environment." Where can we sign up? [Gizmodo]

Green Day Drops a Rock Opera


Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Green Day’s new album, 21st Century Breakdown, chronicles the torture of youth and social rebellion/decline.  So, obviously, it’s pretty good fodder for opera.  Recognizing this, Green Day totally put on a rock opera in the Bay Area the other night.  But the best part was that they handed out laminated lyrics sheets for the crowd to sing along with them. [Rolling Stone]

Saturday is Record Store Day

Record stores, especially independent record stores, are in a bad way these days. The music business was going through its own economic apocalypse years before the current Wall Street crash, but the recession sure isn't helping things. And so this year's Record Store Day, which seeks to drive attention -- and business -- to indie stores, couldn't come at a better time. Last year, shops around the world hosted all sorts of events to get people to walk through their doors, including performances, signings, and DJ sets. This year, scores of bands will perform, and even more will release exclusive stuff that you won't be able to buy online or from corporate retailers. So there's never been a better time to leave your house and spend money on music. [Record Store Day]

Clear Channel Admits They Suck

Clear Channel has announced that it's going to try and “improve program quality” at all the radio stations that it owns in the country through...wait for it...allowing station managers to program their charges in a way that’s "relevant to their local audience." Craziness! Yes, it's being termed “hyperlocalization” -- a buzzword that, since it’s being employed by a bunch of internet startups these days, must be worth something, right? [Dallas Business Journal]

Oslo Buses Are Full of Crap

Did you know that a year’s worth of human excrement is equivalent to 2.1 gallons of diesel? Well it is. So says Ole Jakob Johansen, an officer at Oslo, Norway’s city hall. And Johansen isn’t just spouting random, disgusting trivia. In 2010, Norway’s capital will start rolling out buses fueled with methane, which in turn will be extracted from sewage. Obviously 2.1 gallons of diesel a year is an insignificant amount, but the poop of 250,000 people is enough to operate 80 buses for 62,000 miles each, which is no small feat. [Gizmodo]

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