2010 Super Bowl Will Have Everything (Except Gay Dudes)

January 29, 2010

Days after the touching “People told my Mom she should have aborted me” Super Bowl commercial with Tim Tebow was approved by CBS, the network told popular gay web site ManCrunch.com that it didn’t support their message and wouldn’t air their commercial. They did, however, give two big thumbs up to double standards and Chester Cheetah (who has a questionable history of sexual assault and cheddar-related theft).

The network claims that the Tebow advertisement was “responsibly done,” while the gay interactive dating site crossed some sort of line that was inappropriate and/or not in good taste. (Maybe the dudes making out?)


To put things into context, last year the Super Bowl had advertisements with quasi-racist Asian pandas, repeated shots of Danica Patrick’s breasts for GoDaddy.com, and a libelous ad that referred to Domino's Pizza as “delicious.”

In response to this decision, various equal rights organizations have begun protesting CBS’ decision in hopes of changing their minds of a network that desperately clings to a demographic that was alive during segregation (the Murder She Wrote crowd).

As previously stated, I’m a Canadian, and in turn am disallowed from expressing my opinions or downloading government-sanctioned pornography. But the Australian guy who sits next to me seemed to have a point when he said “everything’s about free speech, so why not let everybody express their opinions and just let America decide what’s moral and what isn’t.”

Damn those Aussies! With their goofy hats and hard-to-dispute logic.

Source: ManCrunch.com