Top 20 Weapons

October 12, 2010

Here again to share more brutal killers of the trade. Bringing weapons maybe not mentioned in the previous list, so get ready for the countdown!

20. Mongol Flanged Mace- Mongol

19. Shoe Knife- KGB

18. Saiga Shotgun- Spetsnaz

17. E Tool- Green Beret

16. Stingball Grenade- GSG-9

15. SEMTEX- I. Commandos

14. Kapinga (or Kpinga not sure on spelling)- Zande

13. Stiletto Knife- Al Capone

12. Wheelock Pistol- Musketeers

11. Burda Club- Celt

10. War Hawk- Comanche

9. Xyston- A. the Great

8. LPO-50 Flamethrower- IRA

7. War Hammer- W. Wallace

6. Dalobra- Roman Centurion

5. Halberd- V. the Impaler

4. Balistic Knife- Spetsnaz

3. Nail Bomb- IRA

2. Benelli M4 Shotgun- SWAT

1. M4 Colt Commando- SEALS