Breakthrough Bra Technology

August 13, 2008

The Wonderbra has long been man’s number one enemy. They trick, lure us in only to cause utter disappointment. Normally I would never even bother mentioning or writing about the Wonderbra but then I got thinking and saw this awesome print commercial and it totally changed my mind (have your world shattered after the jump).

In my humble opinions boobs are amazing and anything that makes boobs look even better deserves praise. I’d much rather discover that a girl was wearing a Wonderbra rather than a whole lot of silicon. This is why I had to show off this truly smashing print commercial.


This print commercial was created by German advertising agency Publicis.  It really shows that with the right bra, women can bust through that glass ceiling without a whole lot of effort.

Catch another hilarious Wonderbra commercial below.