College Tailgating: Where Elderly Men Can Get Freaky with Teenagers in a Socially Acceptable Way

September 28, 2010

If an 82-year-old man wearing a pre-war polo shirt and adult diapers started grinding on a teenage girl at a nightclub it would be creepy and unsightly to watch. At a college football stadium parking lot, however, it’s not only permitted, but seemingly encouraged.

Watch how a gentleman with blonde ambition and classical hip-hop training spends his twilight years kickin’ it at the Arizona State University tailgate bash with a collection of semi-coherent sorority girls.

It’s kind of like when Rodney Dangerfield went back to school, only with more high-fiving and lower collegiate literacy rates.

(Note: ASU lost to Oregon several hours later, but picked up a moral victory after realizing that they led the Pac 10 in geriatric relations and parking lot foreplay.)