Mantenna - Friday, July 2

July 2, 2010

Lindsay Lohan gets the worst birthday present ever, the Internet freaks out over a seemingly fake Katy Perry topless pic, and Apple gets sued over the iPhone 4...I’m proud to be a Mantenna, where as least I know I’m free!

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Lindsay Lohan Got Punched in the Face For Her Birthday

Crazy as it sounds, Lindsay Lohan actually got punched by a waitress at the L.A. hotspot Voyeur early this morning. The best part about the story has to be that this drama all went down during her 24th birthday. "A waitress just hit me - punched me for no reason," the actress Tweeted around 1AM PT. Not to be crass, but this might be the best news we’ve heard all day. [LA Times]

Internet Freaks Out Over Seemingly Fake Katy Perry Topless Pic

For a hot second it seemed that the day had finally come when Katy Perry's naked breasts were exposed on the Internet for all to see. The photo leaves little to the imagination and shows Perry lying on a bed, pushing her perfect, naked breasts together. It was an absolutely glorious momentÂ… while it lasted. Alas, it is now being reported that the photo is a fraud. Boo! According to "porn ninjas," the photo is "definitely fake." Total bummer. [The Superficial]

Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Scores the Deal of a Lifetime

Turns out that being on the receiving end of a nationwide scandal can have its benefits after all. The divorce between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren was reportedly finalized today, with Nordegren receiving close to $100 million for her troubles, according to someone close to the (former) pair. While far shy of the $750 million some were estimating, nine figures certainly ain't nothin' to scoff at. [The Superficial]

Apple Sued Over iPhone 4

Photo:  MIGUEL MEDINA/Getty Images

Apple Inc. is being taken to court over problems with the antenna in the new iPhone 4. Carp Law Offices is representing a group of new iPhone owners and "is seeking an injunction to halt production of the iPhone 4 until Apple fixes defective phones it has already sold." The iPhone 4 has reportedly been plagued with reception problems. On the day of its release, numerous people who got their hands on one complained that if the phone was held on the lower left side cell phone reception completely died. Apple told consumers to buy a case for the phone and today said it was "shocked" that there was something wrong with it. Sales of the iPhone 4 have gone through the roof, with Apple selling more than 1.7 million phones in the first three days of its release. [Boston]

Sidekick Goes Bye-Bye

In the latest example of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, T-Mobile has just discontinued the Sidekick. You know, the phone that Tony Hawk pushed for several years with the flip-up screen and full keyboard? Well ahead of its time, the phone put an emphasis on the social nature of a mobile device by ensuring that web browsers and instant messaging worked like a charm. Its innovative form factor gave it a sense of cool, but lately the only thing cool about it was touching it as it sat on store shelves—completely irrelevant. Remember how Paris Hilton used to stick gems all over hers? Okay, so maybe the Sidekick wasn’t that cool. [Gizmodo]

Man Does What Game Says, Gets Charged

You know those punching bag games that ask you to punch them as hard as you can to prove you’re a man? Well, apparently you’re not supposed to punch them as hard as you can, and therefore, you have no chance of proving you are a man. This is the lesson Dustin Gooden is learning today as he’s charged with malicious injury to property after punching the s*** out of an arcade machine in Idaho that asked players to punch the s*** out of it. What is the world coming to? [Kotaku]

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