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The Top 10 Gross-Out Movie Moments

by nathanbloch   July 09, 2009 at 2:21PM  |  Views: 4,559

Sometimes the edgiest humor out there is gross-out humor. Gross-out humor pushes the envelope all the way off the table and can even leave you sick to your stomach, but you’re too busy laughing to be bothered by it. Deep down there’s a 13-year-old inside all of us, and there’s nothing that eighth grader wants more than to see someone drink something disgusting or get pooped on. Here are the most memorable moments we wish we could forget. 

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

10. Stand By Me

Stand By Me has possibly the best barfing scene of any movie in the history of movies. Take a bitter fat kid – the infamous Lardass, a pie-eating contest, a bottle of Castor Oil, and a raw egg. What do you get? You get an entire town’s worth of people puking up purple blueberry barf on each other. The first time I saw this scene when I was a kid I almost puked myself. One of the great gross-out moments in films, and one of the worst date movies ever.

9. Borat

There are so many gross, awkward moments in Borat it’s hard to choose just one, but the moment when Borat presents his dinner hosts with a plastic bag containing his own turd definitely takes the cake. Anyone who’s ever been to a boring dinner party has fantasized of how to liven it up. Thank you, Borat, for showing us one, awkward way.

8. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

One of man’s worst nightmares is depicted in Harold  Kumar Go to White Castle: the heroes are forced to witness two hot girls get into a pooping contest. The sounds and smells are enough to make any man lose interest in these hotties, but it goes beyond this: it makes us want to close our eyes and plug our ears. Sometimes it’s better to leave things to the imagination. When it comes to girls dropping a deuce in the hole, this is always the case.

7. Happiness

Few people are acquainted with Happiness, arguably the funniest black comedy of the past 30 years. Writer/director Todd Solondz  shows us the most miserable and the most cruel sides of humanity. Allen, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, is a man who gets his jollies by sexually harassing women on prank phone calls. At one point we see that he uses the spunk after one particularly nasty call to hang post cards on his wall. It’s one of the more disgusting images in modern cinema, even if it’s also one of the funniest. The gross-out moments don’t really stop there, which isn’t surprising considering that other characters in the movie consist of rapists, murderers, and pedophiles. So if you’re looking for a gross-out movie that’s not an immature college caper, Happiness is your flick.

6. Animal House

If it weren’t for Animal House all those gross-out moments we’ve come to know and love in the movies – particularly in college comedies – wouldn’t exist. In fact, Animal House singlehandedly invented the college gross-out comedy genre. One might say the gross-out moment was first created in the scene where John Blutarsky, aka Bluto (played by John Belushi) invades an Omega lunch with Otter (Tim Matheson). After one of the uptight sorority girls calls Bluto a “P-I-G pig!” he fills his mouth with a mound of butter and asks her if she knows what he is. He then smashes his cheeks together, spraying food onto everyone at the table, and yells, “I'm a zit! Get it?” An obligatory food fight – perhaps the best in all of cinema – ensues. Film history has never been the same.